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Cinncinati Embroidery

Embroidery seems a little dated in comparison to the mass production of other types of prints. It is, however, a popular choice for notable fashion brands because it has a timeless appeal and feel. Explore a few benefits of the printing form if you want to understand why it still costs more than recent printing options and why elegant fashion brands include it in key pieces. 

Benefits of using embroidery


Embroidered garments lend the cloth an air of class. This case is because it is an age-old technique that has stood the test of time in the evolution of fashion.

Cincinnati embroidery uses a mix of custom threads and skills. Unlike screen printing, the technique allows the use of many different colors in the same design. Our printing studio can use the software to create a unique graphic piece that will not bleed into other colors, as is with other ink printing methods.


This form of print is unique because the client has full control of the design. The versatility also allows printing on different types of garments such as caps, polos, trousers and jackets. The quality of each design is consistent for all pieces with the TBS Activewear printing software.


Embroidery threads do not fade at high laundry temperatures or after multiple washes. The stitching is tough enough to withstand heavy laundering and tough chemical formulas of soaps.

What is the process of computerized embroidery?

Computers have simplified the difficult process or making designs stitch by stitch. Our designers program the machine and let it run until the design is complete. The machine can run between one and thirty-eight embroidery heads, while each head has fifteen needles. Here is what happens when you pick or submit an art piece.

  • Review – The team reviews fine print details and lettering to ensure that the machine will have an accurate translation
  • Digitization – The specialized software translates the drawing into digital data to map the stitches into a complete design
  • Sew out – The team adjusts any final twitches and stabilizes the garment before applying the sewing device. The design appears after running multiple simultaneous heads to thicken the area within the borders. The staff in charge will remove excess backing from the garment to ensure it does not leave hanging threads

What is the cost of Cincinnati embroidery?

Many companies charge a fee for the setup of a design’s embroidery print. Our company does not have setup fees for all designs in stock. We however require a fee for custom designs.

We value maintaining transparency for our business transactions and prefer to send a quote estimate when you send the exact custom design to our mail. The exact fee depends on the complexity of the design because a very complicated design requires more digitizing to produce an accurate print.

Direct embroidery costs more because of the amount of customization needed for the embroidery machine. Making a patch to stick to the garment is cheaper because the piece is easy to manipulate and undergoes a fast and efficient production process. Contact us with the exact design of our embroidery project for a quote of the cost and time needed for printing.

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