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Screen Printing Madison WI

Most people do not know how to judge the quality of a good t-shirt screen-printing job. The first visible aspect should be a fabric print that matches the feel of the clothing material. The print should not crack or fade after a wash, and the lines should not be crisp.

The right screen printing company will use high-quality inks, specialty materials, and additives to maintain an imperative garment quality. Knowledge of all processes will reduce characteristic limitations and give your material the proper quality and flexibility for durability.

Qualities of an excellent screen-printing job

Smooth process

The right screen printing process will allow for immediate reprinting so the customer can make a reorder without delay. The reorder should have minimal setup time and give the firm a sharp competitive edge against other t-shirt printers. We have an easy and fast setup system that makes it easy to produce a mass number of projects with different designs.

Powerful tools

The chosen equipment can break or make a printing business. It is easy for screen printing in Madison WI businesses to get caught up on the advertised features and modifications of a printer. The reliable option is to use a printer that meets the required specifics of the job. Here are the most fundamental aspects for a high-quality print job:

  • Portability and a good-sized printer
  • Easy mode of operation
  • A design that matches the exact textile ink
  • A smart machine that prompts the user for maintenance or replacement of parts
  • A warranty to keep the business running in case of a device break down


Determining a fair price for a screen-printing job involves keeping track of every penny spent on the process of the print. Luckily, you do not need to think about a host of requirements like the equipment because you will be hiring a well-equipped screen-printing expert. The final cost of a screen print depends on the following aspects:

  • Quantity of order
  • Size of apparel
  • The amount of color you want on the cloth
  • Quality of the garment – Heavy materials have a higher amount of labor and may require extra ink
  • Placement of the design – Some firms will charge extra to print on particular locations like the sleeve
  • Type of ink – Special inks like ones that have shimmer will usually cost more
  • Labor – The printing company includes the labor fee of setting up the screen in the final cost of the project

Customer service

The concept of online screen printing in Madison WI is as old as approximately two decades. Many shoppers are still learning how to operate an online printing portal without direct contact with the business.

Our store has a simple printing portal that allows you to specify the design, names, numbers, and other details that define your desired print job. The best part is you can call our team to review the details of the order before processing the payment with your credit card. Additionally, the site has a live chat feature that allows you to talk to a live staff while processing the order.

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