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About Online Stores

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Your Team.

Your Design.

Your Store.

Our online stores make team
ordering easy, start yours today!

The process is simple - you choose products and your design, we add your design and once it is approved spread the word about your completely custom online store for athletes, fans & coaches.

Team Spirit

You will be supplied with a flyer to hand out.

A Better Experience

Create a simple online buying experience for every athlete, parent and fan.


Receive a steady stream of fundraising dollars by keeping a percentage of every transaction.

How it works

Step 1
Pick Your Items &
Choose Your Design
Step 2
Review & Approve
Your Online Store
Step 3
Spread The Word
About Your Store
Step 4
Orders Are Individually Bagged & Shipped To Home Or Handed Out To Happy Fans Distribution Methods Are Chosen By Store Organizers

Contact Us

Don't want to handout your orders? Ask us about our ship to home option!  

Set Your Store Up Today!


We count and bag each individual order.

No more collecting individual payment.

No costs or fees to set up your store.

No inventory or extras.

Can be used for fundraising and goes directly to the program.

Name and number options let you personalize your items.

Advantages Of Ship To Home

Orders are delivered straight to the customer’s door.

Online stores can be purchased from family or friends too far away to pick-up.

Any gifts purchased can be delivered directly to the home instead of risking it being given to the kids at handout.

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