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Custom T Shirts Milwaukee

Plenty of time and effort goes into creating different custom prints. It is worth the effort to ensure you research every printing method to understand how it will serve your desired print look. Furthermore, you will determine the exact cost of each print method and prepare better for bulk orders.

Primary methods for custom t-shirts in Milwaukee


The longest-lasting print is by screen-printing. The technique is also known as silkscreen printing and usually offers the best design replication results.

Screen-printing is suitable for any form of printing. Big companies rely on this method for a big production of t-shirts because it works well with bulk orders, which can depend on the reuse of the stencil several times in a row. Another everyday use of the method is in printing one color for a single screen because the ink ejector does not perform well with several color mixes.

Dye sublimation

The method is excellent for big and complicated designs, as is evident in t-shirts that are full of many intricate designs. Dye sublimation is excellent for light fabrics such as polyester because the ink will not bleed, which will give the edges a sharp outline.  The method provides very long-lasting results and unique multicolor designs for clients who want to stand out from common brands and styles.


The method involves stitching a thread into the custom product, such as logos of golf shirts. The stitching process is automatic and controlled by computerized embroidery software.

Embroidery is slightly pricier than screen-printing because it is difficult to sew small texts and logos with different colors of threads. The final price depends on the number of stitches needed for the design and the number of pieces you need to embroider.

Digital printing

Digital printing is a new formula that involves processing artwork with computer software. It does not include using heat because the ink makes a direct impact on the fabric.

The method is suitable for projects that have a high amount of detail and a small number of orders. This case is because digital printing does not use a printing screen and allows for a photographic print of custom t-shirts in Milwaukee. It is, therefore, possible to use light-colored shirts because the design will stand out without a blurry effect.

How to choose a printing method

Our printing store has enough printing options for clients to select any type of feel or look for their fabric. A newbie customer may make a bet on one popular method. You can have an expert analysis when you understand all the factors that affect the application of each technique.


The method of releasing the inks is not suitable for all types of fabric. A light polyester material will not work well with embroidery because of the light attachment of the threads.


A slow method is convenient for one or a small number of t-shirts.


Some methods have a better economic advantage because they require minimal physical setup and supplies for custom t-shirts in Milwaukee.

Our store has enough equipment and expertise to pull off any number of orders for any design. Understanding the dynamics of each operation will only help you prepare for the procession and waiting period.  

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