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Graphic Design Madison WI

Some of the best designs in the world possess the most uncomplicated look and make. The biggest brands do not have confusing logo designs because they understand how the human mind interprets imagery. You could borrow some of these tested psychological and design hacks while using our online tool for graphic design in Madison WI.


The size of a graphic design depends on the nature of the design and the specifics of the garment. Some shapes look better in small sizes, such as circles and squares. You may also want to consider smaller graphic design shapes for children and ladies.

Print a paper image of the design and hold it up against a garment of similar size to visualize the result. Alternatively, ask our sales representative about an ideal size for the chosen graphic design. We will specify the size of the t-shirt on the online designer tool so that you have an easy time visualizing the graphics.


Print placement is the exact measurement of where to place a design or style. A common mistake of graphic design placements is the bully area. This position is the least flattering, no matter the body shape of the wearer.

Let us know the exact placement of your graphic design in Madison WI by using the online designer tool to make sure the print is within the right limits. The print team will make sure to produce the exact design by adjusting the metrics into consideration with various sizes of the t-shirt.


The font is the fundamental element of graphic design. It is not only about the type of font in use, but the form of display. Typography is the art of arranging font in a way that reflects the intended message and is aesthetically pleasing.  It involves line spacing, letter spacing, and interaction with other elements of the graphic design.

The purpose of the garment will also determine the font to use. It is unfit to use Comic Sans while printing t-shirts for a corporate event, or Batman Forever for a family-oriented t-shirt print.

While it is a normal tendency to get carried away with creativity by jamming the garment by mixing different fonts, you must use one or two of the same types of font for a clean print. The human eye can process a certain degree of graphics in a limited time if the wearer is a moving target.


Simple online designers do not have an inversion tool. You can, however, use a different inversion tool to highlight the colors or text of the image while printing white ink on a black garment. Add a note to let our project designer understand your emphasis on inversion for the graphic design in Madison WI, as you may not be able to add an image to the online design draft.

Borders and edges

Some prints look better without a borderline because they highlight the image. A photo without a border or edge can, however, look cheap and unprofessional in a serious setting. Various kinds of boundaries serve different purposes, such as thick lines, distressed edges, or a fancy frame.

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