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Madison Screen Printing

Screen printing works by applying each color of ink separately using a stencil. Screenprints have a feel of thickness because the ink sits on top of the material’s surface. Deciding the types of print you want on your shirt depends on your personal preference, the printing website, and the technology chosen for the print. Here are a few guidelines on how screen-printing uses a few chosen art designs and how you can maximize selection for a high-quality print.

Type of image

Printing photos does not work well with screen-printing. These images have thousands of colors, whereas Madison screen printing has a limit of eight color options.

Using images from the web can be handy when you know the exact specifications of the printing machine. It is, however, recommendable to avoid using web images because converted photos tend to lose their geometric details in the translation.


Art design that has small negative spaces will allow the ink to bleed into the area. However, there is no hard rule on avoiding bleeding on little details. A good rule of thumb is to use fonts that are above the 12 points and lines or strokes that are thicker than 0.3 points. We will help you evaluate every piece of artwork and text so that the ink spread is not disappointing on the print.


Inks have different amounts of transparency. A few color ranges have extra transparency and do not always look appealing to all types of garments. Light colors can leave splotchy spots and leave bad transparent spots after a couple of washes.

Another color with higher amounts of transparency is a dark hue of blue. Avoid the range of colors unless you are printing on white garments. Bright fluorescent colors are also equally transparent and tend to lighten up and lose brightness when printed under the base.

It is best to think creatively about your choice of color palettes when printing a shirt design. Therefore, it is unnecessary to print a red hue text on a red t-shirt because the print will not be visible enough. Test the visibility of the color by contrasting different colors and hues.


It is essential to ensure the font and text on a shirt are highly readable. Madison screen printing has incredible detail with a high amount of readability. The best way to check for the readability of the design is to switch different types of font and color.

Gradient effects

Gradients usually have a stable transition from one color to the next. The actual truth is that the result is due to multiple other colors shifting from one extreme to the other.

It is difficult to print color gradient with screen-printing because of the limitation of the color palette in ink. A design with more colors will be expensive to print because of the resources required to pull off the look.

Screen-printing has a unique set of parameters you can use. You can, however, simplify your options by using predesigned art from our store. Our team of talented designers has optimized all pictures and designs to give you a wide array of design options. Browse our different categories of artwork and make a quick order through the site.

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