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Fisher 3' Backstop Padding with 3" Thickness

Fisher 3' Backstop Padding with 3" Thickness
E-mail office@rbsactivewear.com or call 608-543-3564 to order this product.
SKU: BSP363-Fisher

SKU: BSP363 - 3'H x 6'W x 3"

SKU: BSP383 - 3'H x 8'W x 3"
SKU: BSP3103 - 3'H x 10'W x 3"

SKU: BSP3123 - 3'H x 12'W x 3"

For a quote please contact our office or your sales representative.


  • Padding is made in 2' folding sections
  • Pads are made with 18oz vinyl and include vent holes at the bottom of all pads.
  • Pad thickness is 3".
  • Special sizes available upon request.
  • Available Styles (prices may vary): Wood-backed padding, Wood-backed padding with "L" shaped top, Non-wood back/grommets, and Non-wood back/grommets/2' wide folding sections/2" or 3" thick foam.
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